I love to answer questions that people have on my blog, on Facebook, on Quora and various other sites. And I was once asked why I’m doing all of that without getting any form of compensation…

Fiona and Fanny with Bitcoin Sign.jpg

Well, that person was wrong as I do get compensated for my work! As I use my real name in all those sites, I’m building up my reputation as a wise person who has a good understanding of many things. And while getting a financial compensation for my work is nice, telling me “Good job” is much nicer in my opinion.

Still, I do have a Bitcoin address where people can donate bitcoins if they can spare a few. And I have a PayPal account where people can donate cash, if they want to. You can use those if you want to donate a cup of coffee to me. Or help me to support keeping my blog and domains alive.

My bitcoin address is 1BJ1o4mKYy3FxNAfEwqAjHGE2AE3a9dy7U but my models Fanny and Fiona also show the QRCode for it in the image above. At least, I think that’s my code.

Do I need more money? Meh. I’ve learned to be happy with what I have. But I also know that some people feel a need to reward people who are actively supporting the community. So, if you feel like donating then you now have two ways to do so.

But there’s no need to donate as “Good boy” will already make me feel happy. (Just like my dogs, actually!)

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