After some considerations I’ve decided that it would be wise to include a copyright notice on my blog. Why? Well, I’ve included some of my artwork on this blog and although I like giving it away for free, I do think I need to protect myself when people try to abuse that privilege. Don’t really know how they could abuse that privilege, but okay… A few rules wouldn’t hurt, right?

Unless specifications say otherwise, all texts and images in my blog have been created by me, for me. These images fall under the Creative Commons, meaning others may share my artwork and texts but attribution will be required. (Simply put, if you use my art, mention my name too, or this blog. Or just hotlink to my blog.) Commercial usage of my work is also allowed, but do keep in mind that any derived work will fall under the same license. In short, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License

But what if you do not use that license for any derived work? Or what if you want to use my art without attribution? Well, you can contact me to ask permission for such usage, explaining the purpose of your usage and why you need it without the license. And I’ll probably charge you for the usage, which would be 5 Euro’s per post or 50 Euro’s per photo. My CGI art is 200 Euro’s per image. For CGI animations, it’s € 10 per frame. (So, long animations can be really expensive!) But prices are negotiable and fair as long as people just ask.

Yes, it’s a bit expensive if you want to use my CGI art without a proper license, but keep in mind that you can just use my work for as long as you respect the license I’ve given you. The prices only apply when you want to use my work without license.

And to end this message, here’s a nice piece of my CGI artwork: