An interesting sub-project.

While working on my WordChain project (See post “The Wordchain data model.“) I reminded myself that I might have a simple problem when I have to deal with images. Since the WordChain project uses simple routing for each word, any link is most likely being translated to a word. This would require me to use a special route for images. But another problem that arose is the storage requirements, which would increase enormously if I would add a lot of images. And storage of such images in e.g. a Microsoft Azure environment would make hosting a bit more expensive.

The solution here would be using a separate host for just the images, and store the URLs to those images within WordChain. This will allow me to use a cheap data store for the images and a bit more expensive host, like Azure, for the WordChain website.

But it also means that I will have to think of a solution to host the images somewhere, and write a simple project that will serve these images to wherever I want to use them. These images should be divided into categories and preferably some more information needs to be added to keep track of the author, original source, license and whatever else could be interesting. It could grow to some interesting gallery application that could be used to serve images to several other websites.

So here’s a new project that I want to design. And again, I will need to start designing things. However, this time I can’t start with the user interface, since the user interface would just give the image. I need to design the tool that will allow me to upload images to the host, including the other data that I want to be part of it.