And thus ends the year 2013. A year that held a lot of changes for me. My former employer had financial problems resulting in me and a few colleagues becoming former employees. I’ve had an accident in which I injured my back which is still troubling me. My previous computer started having troubles and the hard disk crashed.

But also some good news. I bought an iPad, I bought a new, expensive laptop from Alienware. And I replaced my desktop with an expensive Alienware laptop.

I found a new job but unfortunately my back caused too much trouble so I had to quit again. For now, I just have to wait until my back is healed again.

I started fitness, to train the muscles in my back and I managed to lose some weight. I’ve changed my diet and am drinking more water and much less cola.

I’m walking more with my dogs, have started to read some books and am studying some interesting topics. I’m spending more time on electronics too just to expand my knowledge and to better understand what it is when I’m writing code. Because code is still abstract while the electrons moving through hardware is the real, physical world.

Amazing how electrons translate the keys I press on my keyboard into letters on the screen. It seems so simple but I’m starting to become awed by the whole complexity behind it all. I always knew it involved quite a few parts but I start to realize how many parts are actually involved in this all.

I’ve created more artwork in Poser and Vue and I have to say that my skills are improving. Still not very good but I’m happy enough about it all. Still, when looking at the images I’ve created this year I have to admit it’s less than earlier years. Better quality, higher resolutions, but less images. And the amount of clothes in my art also went down.

I’ve done a few new things, quit a few other things and when I look back, I realize that this has been a very busy year for me.

And now I wonder what next year will bring. Next year, which happens to be about 15 minutes in the future. There’s one thing I do know, listening to all the fireworks outside… It will start with a bang…

To all who read this:

Happy New Year!