Print your own cases, part 7 of 10

In the previous post I cleaned the Poser model and made it a single object. Now comes the part where I start to scale and cut, and occasionally hollow my object.

2016-04-19 (13)

To start, open the .stl file from the earlier post in MeshMixer. And it will probably look like this:

Now, that is a minor annoyance. I will need to rotate and resize it first. I choose ‘Edit/Transform’ and do a ‘Rotate X’ for 90 degrees and put ‘Size Z’ to 600 mm which is the exact length of the ruler. Once it has the proper scale, I export the file to the folder 4 and import it again, replacing the current object in MeshMixer. I need to do this because MeshMixer gets a bit confused after resizing and the model looks ugly in the view. There’s nothing wrong with the model, though. It’s just MeshMixer having a bad render engine.

2016-04-19 (15)

Next, we will cut the ruler away. Using ‘Edit/Plane cut’ I rotate the cutting plane vertically and move it to somewhere between the model and the ruler. It will look something like this:

And once I click ‘Accept’, the ruler is gone! It is that simple. And now I will also be able to tell the exact sizes of my model. It is 124x255x76 mm in size. Slightly larger than expected.

So I’m going to add a simple trick to cut the amount of material in my model! I’m going to make her hollow! Using ‘Edit/Hollow’ I will get several options to make a hollow model. This will save materials and thus make the print less expensive. But it will require a few holes in the model.

2016-04-19 (16)

I set ‘Offset Distance’ to 1 mm since that’s thick enough. ‘Solid accuracy’ and ‘Mesh Density’ are set to 512 to get the best details and ‘Hole Radius’ will be 3 mm to allow good holes for excess materials to be removed from the hollow inside. And this also shows why you should remove the teeth, inner mouth, tongue and gums if the model has her mouth closed! Those parts would fill the inside of her head if they were still there. By removing them, there’s a slightly bigger hollow space.

I put two hollow openings on her butt, since her skirt is already covering that area. If she was wearing panties or a bikini bottom, those holes might not work out as well because the clothing adds an extra layer which the hole won’t go through. MeshMixer makes good hollow objects but they aren’t always perfect.

I don’t have to make the box or back panel hollow since they are already thin enough.

So now the model is almost ready to be printed. However, there can be some hidden flaws that need to be repaired. In the next post I will apply some automated repairs before the model is ready to be printed.