My artwork

Not only do I like to write code and play some online games, I also like to create CGI images with Poser Pro and Vue. It’s not very difficult but you will need to have some inspiration to create something artistic. Just like you need some artistic skills while writing code.

CGI and software development have much in common. With both, you use special libraries and frameworks to speed things up. And with both, you never know at first what the outcome will finally look like. Fortunately, I can create a CGI image much faster than I can create a new software project.

In general, I start with Poser Pro and pick some models, add clothing, weapons and other props, adjusting the pose to show something I have in mind. Often a scantily-clad lady with a weapon being something other than a damsel in distress. Then again, the weapon and clothing tends to be optional, since images are much faster to create without those additional props. I’m not thinking about the background this early in the project, although I do keep track of items to be included in the Poser model that need to be shown in the background. OFten, these props are things for the model to stand on, so I can easily align them with the ground.

The next step is importing the model within Vue and deciding what a proper background for this model would look like. Water is always nice, since it adds additional reflections. Clouds or stars will add more interest to the sky. Mountains and large buildings can also be include in case I want to hide part of the sky. And of course the proper ground and vegetation is required.

So here is some of my artwork. Some of it is new, some of it is old. None of it is indecent, although your employer, teacher or parent might ask what you’re looking at when they look over your shoulder.

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