Dell isn’t making me happy…

My recent post about my new laptop has a strange twist. I should be using it right at this moment but no such luck. Dell didn’t deliver it. So, what happened?

Well, I ordered this monster laptop on February 23 and I received an order confirmation the next day. In it, Dell promised me to deliver my laptop on or before March 18. Which happens to be last Monday. However, one week before delivery, Dell just decided to cancel my order without notification. I never received a valid explanation, not did they warn me by email about this cancellation. It was just pure luck that I discovered this cancellation on March 13, simply because I kept checking my order status.

Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy about all this. I called their support helpdesk and asked them why they could not deliver my system. And although the person was very helpful to resolve the problem for me, he just could not tell me why it was cancelled. Most likely because the configuration was invalid. But if that was true, the Dell site itself should have made it impossible for me to choose this configuration.

I was left with two options. Either they would refund my money, which happens to be quite a substantial amount or I could order a similar system at that moment for the same price. The helpdesk would try to select a system that would be as similar to what I had ordered and all I had to do was wait a while for him to create a quote for the new system.

When he called back a few hours later, he gave me an offer that was identical to what I had ordered. An exact duplicate, with the same part numbers, the same configuration and exactly the same price. So, the configuration I had selected was valid after all and they’ve canceled my order for some bogus reason. Or maybe they don’t want customers who spend nearly 4.000 Euro’s on a single laptop. I just don’t know why the cancellation happened…

The only difference is that this new order also has a new delivery date. I now have to wait until April 8 before I can use it. Maybe it will be delivered sooner? Maybe it will be canceled again? I don’t know. All I do know is that Dell isn’t making me happy.

So, if you ever decide to order new hardware from Dell, please consider alternative options! I’ve been using Dell computers for a long time and their hardware is great, but these problems with ordering a new system does urge me to look for other alternatives in the future. Such a long time until delivery is just unacceptable.


Dell just emailed me a new delivery date. No, it’s not April 8 anymore. It’s on or before April 19th…

This means that it takes almost two months for Dell to deliver my new laptop.

Update 2

And as it turns out, Dell has even created a new order again. I’ve called their sales helpdesk and had a little talk about it all. They’re having configuration problems with this system, which isn’t surprising considering the extreme power it has. And some parts are missing at this moment, so they can’t assemble it yet. The 32768MB 1600MHz Dual Channel DDR3 is one part that they’re not having. These are actually 4x8GB memory modules and indeed, these modules are a bit tricky.

The other part that’s causing troubles is the 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M. Again, a very powerful piece of hardware that I consider a must for my new laptop, especially since I also want to use it for rendering CGI artwork.

So now I’ll just have to wait until April 19th, hoping Dell will decide to deliver even sooner…

Update 3

Dell finally confirmed that my laptop has been produced and it’s on it’s way from Shanghai, China to Europe. I can expect my laptop on monday, April 15. Yeah, that’s almost two months after I’ve ordered it. I have to admit that Dell delivers good quality products, but their delivery times are way too slow.

Update 4

Received my laptop yesterday. WOW!!! Dell is making me happy now…