Stuff on my desk…

Well, I’m a software Developer, specializing in back-end code and proficient in Delphi, C#, C++, ASP.NET, XML-based technologies, HTML and a bunch more. And my back injury still isn’t over so I have to take it easy. So, here’s my “playroom” for my daily exercises. 🙂

DSC04615So, what does a Software Developer have on his desk?

  1. A document holder, attached to my desk. Very practical.
  2. Yes, it’s a whiteboard! With lots of magnets to hold important notes and a lot of writings of upcoming appointments.
  3. An Einstein action figure! Why? Because I’m a Nerd, that’s why!
  4. My Alienware Desktop with 32 GB RAM and 6 cores.
  5. Main monitor with 1920×1200 resolution, which I can also use to watch television.
  6. My Alienware Laptop. Yes, it fits on my desk, nicely on top of a cooler.
  7. My second monitor with 1920×1200 resolution. And some artwork of mine visible.
  8. Those are books. For all you young ones, those are the analog eBooks that people used in the past. Some people still use them.
  9. A mini-tripod for my camera.
  10. A landline phone. Wireless, of course. (Oh, the irony…)
  11. My Android tablet below a piece of cloth that covers my desktop when it’s not used.
  12. A HP Laserjet 100 color MFP, which I use to print, copy and scan occasionally.
  13. My mobile phone in a phone holder.
  14. A simple standard to keep all the little things from my desk. Also puts my monitor more at eye-level. I have two of those.
  15. A bottle of water. Behind it, you can see my Pebble watch, an iPod, an iPad and a Windows 8 RT tablet plus a Bluetooth keyboard.
  16. A stack of external hard disks. Remember to back up often!
  17. A pen holder for those office supplies most people just steal from work. (But I bought these!)

On my desk there’s another watch somewhere. Plus some 3D glasses for the 3D display of my laptop. You can also find a mirror, an external DVD burner that supports Lightscribe, a calculator, a ruler, lots and lots of cables, my digital camera, a dashboard camera, a bar code scanner, dental floss, pens, some extra hardware, a fish eye camera, a remote control for the light because I’m too lazy to stand up, a remote control for my left monitor, which is also a television and finally: plastic chopsticks! Why chopsticks? Because if you eat chips with your fingers, your fingers become greasy and crumbs will disappear in your keyboard. Chopsticks keep my fingers clean.